Why train with us?

Over 10 years of helping people achieve their goals

Fit Yeah Bootcamp fun and effective way to stay fit and healthy. You have access to an experienced, passionate trainer, who motivates you, pushes you to new levels of fitness and strength, not to mention a great group of friendly people to encourage each other and make some great new friendships.


Sessions are always varied, and we never run the same session twice. We focus on boxing, HIIT training and strength circuits to keep you energised & drive you towards your goals throughout the course of the season. There are always variations of the workout to suit everyone’s fitness levels and cater for anyone who might have a specific injury.


Our programs are based on challenging, fun and functional training methods that address all aspects of your fitness.


FIT YEAH Bootcamp are currently running at Wentworth Park, on the Corner of Wentworth Park Road and Wattle Street, Ultimo. 


If you’re answering YES to many of the below questions, FIT YEAH Bootcamp could be the solution for you:


  • Do you want to lose extra kg’s?

  • Would you like more energy in your working day?

  • Are you intimidated going to gyms?

  • Would you like a leaner, toned physique?

  • Do you want to increase your confidence?

  • Are you finding it tough to get motivated by yourself?

  • Are you currently not achieving results?

  • Do you want to train in a fun friendly environment?

  • Physical Results after 8 weeks of training:

  • Weight loss and a leaner/toned physique

  • Improved flexibility for day-to-day functional movement and reduction in injuries

  • Increased full body strength

  • Core Strength and body stability

  • Overall feeling great!

Meet our trainers

Coach Kea

Hi, I’m Kea. Owner and Coach at Fit Yeah.

With over 12 years professional experience and a lifetime of passion for health and fitness, I am a dedicated and enthusiastic coach, that loves helping people achieve their health and fitness goals.

For my own fitness, I enjoy many types of training. I love to box and incorporate lots of bodyweight Zuu movements that help with mobility as I get older. I also LOVE to lift weights. These influence how I work with my clients as I strongly believe that a balanced program, with lots of variety is the key to getting results and staying motivated!



  • Pre and Post Natal Coach - Claire Norgate

  • MasterClass Course (Kettlebell, Battle Ropes, Mobility, Powerbags) - FTA

  • Advanced Boxing Fitness Trainers Course - Australian Combat & Exercise 

  • Boxing Skills & Fitness Program - Australian Combat & Exercise

  • Nutrition for Exercise and Sport course - Sports Dietitians Australia

  • First Aid and CPR - AIS Training Services

  • Punchfit Instructors Course - Punchfit Randwick

  • Beginning Coaching General Principles - Australian Government

  • Certificate IV in Fitness - TAFE Randwick

  • Certificate III in Fitness - Fitness Institue of Australia

  • Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design - Hornsby Tafe

  • Higher School Certificate - Crestwood High School

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Coach Rob

Hi, I’m Rob. Owner and Coach at Fit Yeah.

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